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Surah Yunus

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Recite Quran Surah Yunus in Arabic, English Translation by E.H. Palmer and English Transliteration

Mecca Mecca (51)
109Total Ayat: 109
11Total Ruku: 11
10:1Ayat 1
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 1
10:2Ayat 2
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 2
10:3Ayat 3
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 3
10:4Ayat 4
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 4
10:5Ayat 5
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 5
[Translation of 1 to 5] IN the name of the merciful and compassionate God. A. L. R. Those are the signs of the wise Book! was it a wonder to the folk 1 that we inspired a man from amongst themselves, 'Warn thou the folk; and give glad tidings, to those who believe, that for them there is an advance of sincerity 2 gone before them with their Lord?' The misbelievers say, 'Verily, this is an obvious sorcerer!' Verily, your Lord is God, who created the heavens and the earth in six days; then He made for the throne, to govern the affair; there is no intercessor, except after His permission. That is God for you--your Lord! Then worship Him--do ye not mind? To Him is your return all of you--God's promise in truth; verily, He produces the creature, then He makes it return again, that He may recompense those who believe and do what is right with justice; but those who misbelieve, for them is a drink of boiling water, and grievous woe, for that they did misbelieve.
10:6Ayat 6
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 6
10:7Ayat 7
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 7
10:8Ayat 8
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 8
10:9Ayat 9
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 9
10:10Ayat 10
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 10
[Translation of 6 to 10] He it is who made the sun for a brightness, and the moon for a light, and decreed for it mansions, that ye may know the number of the years and the reckoning.--God only created that in truth. He details the signs unto a people who do know. Verily, in the alternation of night and day, and in what God has created of the heavens and the earth, are signs unto a people who do fear. Verily, those who hope not for our meeting, and are content with the life of this world, and are comforted thereby, and those who are neglectful of our signs,--these, their resort is fire for that which they have earned! Verily, those who believe and do what is right, their Lord guides them by their faith; beneath them shall rivers flow in the gardens of pleasure.
10:11Ayat 11
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 11
10:12Ayat 12
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 12
10:13Ayat 13
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 13
10:14Ayat 14
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 14
10:15Ayat 15
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 15
[Translation of 11 to 15] Their cry therein shall be, 'Celebrated be Thy praises, O God!' and their salutation therein shall be, 'Peace!' and the end of their cry shall be, 'Praise (belongs) to God, the Lord of the worlds!' And if God should hasten on the bad to men as they would hasten on the good, their appointed time would surely be fulfilled. But we will let those who hope not for our meeting go on in their rebellion, blindly wandering on. When distress touches man, he calls us to his side, whether sitting or standing; but when we have removed from him his distress, he passes on as though he had not called on us in a distress that touched him. Thus unto the extravagant is made seemly that which they have done. We have already destroyed generations before you when they did wrong, and there came to them their apostles with manifest signs, but they would not believe. Thus do we reward the sinful people.
10:16Ayat 16
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 16
10:17Ayat 17
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 17
10:18Ayat 18
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 18
10:19Ayat 19
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 19
10:20Ayat 20
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 20
[Translation of 16 to 20] Then we made you their successors in the earth after them, that we may see how ye will act. But when our evident signs are recited to them, those who hope not for our meeting say, 'Bring a Qur’ân other than this; or change it.' Say, 'It is not for me to change it of my own accord; I do not follow aught but what I am inspired with; verily, I fear, if I rebel against my Lord, the torment of a mighty day!' Say, 'Had God pleased, I should not have recited it to you, nor taught you therewith. I have tarried a lifetime amongst you before it;--have ye not then any sense?' Who is more unjust than he who forges against God a lie, or says His signs are lies? verily, the sinners shall not prosper. They worship beside God what can neither harm them nor profit them, and they say, 'These are our intercessors with God!' Say, 'Will ye inform God of aught in the heavens or the earth, that He knows not of?' Celebrated be His praise! and exalted be He, above what they associate with Him!
10:21Ayat 21
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 21
10:22Ayat 22
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 22
10:23Ayat 23
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 23
10:24Ayat 24
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 24
10:25Ayat 25
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 25
[Translation of 21 to 25] People were but one nation once, then they disagreed; and had it not been for thy Lord's word already passed, there would have been decided between them that concerning which they disagreed. They say, 'Why is not a sign sent down upon him from his Lord?' Say, 'The unseen is only God's; but wait ye for a while, verily, I with you am one of those who wait!' When we have let men taste of mercy after distress which has touched them, lo! they use a stratagem against our signs! Say, 'God is quicker at stratagem.' Verily, our messengers 1 write down what stratagem ye use. He it is who makes you travel in the land and sea, until when ye are in the ships--and these carry them 2 afloat with a favouring wind, and they rejoice therein, there comes to them a violent wind, and there comes to them the wave from every place, and they think that they are encompassed about then they call on God, sincere in religion towards Him, 'If thou dost save from this we will surely be of those who thank.' But when He has saved them, lo! they are wilful in the earth unjustly;--O ye folk! your wilfulness against yourselves is but a provision of this world's life; then unto us is your return, and we will inform you of that which ye have done!
10:26Ayat 26
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 26
10:27Ayat 27
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 27
10:28Ayat 28
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 28
10:29Ayat 29
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 29
10:30Ayat 30
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 30
[Translation of 26 to 30] Verily, the likeness of this world's life is like water which we send down from the sky, and the plants of the earth, from which men and cattle eat, are mingled therewith; until when the earth puts on its gilding and is adorned, the people thereof think that they have power over it. Our order comes to it by night or. day, and we make it as it were mown down--as though it had not yesterday been rich!--Thus do we detail the signs unto a people who reflect. God calls unto the abode of peace, and guides whom He will into the right path. To those who do what is good, goodness and increase! nor shall blackness or abasement cover their faces! these are the fellows of Paradise, they shall dwell therein for aye. But, as for those who have earned ill, the reward of evil is the like thereof; abasement shall cover them! they shall have none to defend them against God;--as though their faces were veiled with the deep darkness of the night; these are the fellows of the Fire, and they shall dwell therein for aye. And on the day we gather them all together then we will say to those who associated other gods (with us), 'To your places, ye and your associates!' and we will part them; and their associates will say, 'It was not us ye worshipped.--
10:31Ayat 31
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 31
10:32Ayat 32
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 32
10:33Ayat 33
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 33
10:34Ayat 34
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 34
10:35Ayat 35
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 35
[Translation of 31 to 35] But God is witness enough between us and you, that we were heedless of your worshipping us.' There shall every soul prove what it has sent on before; and they shall be returned unto God, their God, their true sovereign, and that which they devised shall stray away from them. Say, 'Who provides you from the heaven and the earth? who has dominion over hearing and sight? and who brings forth the living from the dead, and brings forth the dead from the living? and who governs the affair?' And they will say, 'God.' Say, 'Do ye not then fear?' That is God, your true Lord! and what is there after the truth but error? how then can ye turn away? Thus is the word of thy Lord verified against those who commit abomination; verily, they will not believe. Say, 'Is there any of your associates who can produce a creature and then turn it back again?' Say, 'God produces a creature, then turns it back again; how then can ye lie?'
10:36Ayat 36
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 36
10:37Ayat 37
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 37
10:38Ayat 38
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 38
10:39Ayat 39
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 39
10:40Ayat 40
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 40
[Translation of 36 to 40] Say, 'Is there any of your associates who guides unto the truth?' Say, 'God guides unto the truth.' Is then He who guides unto the truth more worthy to be followed, or he that guides not except he be himself guided? What ails you then, how ye judge? But most of them follow only suspicion; verily, suspicion does not avail against the truth at all; verily, God knows what they do. This Qur’ân could not have been devised by any beside God; but it verifies that which was before it, and details the Book--there is no doubt therein--from the Lord of the worlds. Do they say, 'He 1 hath devised it?' say then, 'Bring a sûrah like it,--and call, if ye can, on other, than God, if ye do tell the truth!'
10:41Ayat 41
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 41
10:42Ayat 42
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 42
10:43Ayat 43
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 43
10:44Ayat 44
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 44
10:45Ayat 45
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 45
[Translation of 41 to 45] Yet they call that a lie, the knowledge of which they cannot compass, while its interpretation has not yet come to them; so did those before them charge with lying, and see what was the end of the unjust! Of them are some who believe therein; and of them are some who do not believe therein but thy Lord knows best who are corrupters. But if they call thee liar, say, 'I have my work, and ye have your work; ye are clear of what I work, and I am clear of what ye work.' There are some of them who listen to thee--canst thou make the deaf to hear, although they have no sense? And of them are some who look at thee--canst thou guide the blind, although they cannot see?
10:46Ayat 46
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 46
10:47Ayat 47
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 47
10:48Ayat 48
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 48
10:49Ayat 49
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 49
10:50Ayat 50
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 50
[Translation of 46 to 50] Verily, God wrongs not man at all, but men do wrong themselves. And on the day when we will gather them together it will be as though they had not tarried save an hour of the day, they shall know each other. Lost are those who called the meeting with God a lie, and were not guided! Either we will show thee something of that with which we threatened them, or we will take thee to ourself, for unto us is their return; then is God a witness to what they do. Every nation has its apostle; and when their apostle comes to them, it is decided between them with justice, and they are not wronged. But they say, 'When is this threat (to come), if ye tell the truth?'
10:51Ayat 51
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 51
10:52Ayat 52
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 52
10:53Ayat 53
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 53
10:54Ayat 54
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 54
10:55Ayat 55
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 55
[Translation of 51 to 55] Say, 'I have no power over myself for harm or for profit, save what God will. Every nation has its appointed time; when their appointed time comes to them they cannot delay it for an hour or bring it on.' Say, 'Let us see now when the torment comes to you, by night or day, what will the sinners fain bring on thereof? And when it has fallen--will ye believe in it now!--And yet ye wish to bring it on! Then shall it be said to those who have done wrong, Taste ye the torment of eternity! shall ye be recompensed except for that which ye have earned?' They will ask thee to inform them whether it be true. Say, 'Aye, by my Lord! verily, it is the truth, nor can ye weaken him.'
10:56Ayat 56
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 56
10:57Ayat 57
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 57
10:58Ayat 58
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 58
10:59Ayat 59
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 59
10:60Ayat 60
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 60
[Translation of 56 to 60] And if every soul that hath done wrong had whatever is in the earth, it would give it as a ransom. They will utter their repentance when they see the torment; and it shall be decided between them with justice, nor shall they be wronged. Is not indeed what is in the heavens and what is in the earth God's? is not indeed the promise of God true? Though most of them know not. He quickens and He kills, and unto Him are ye returned! O ye folk! there has come to you a warning from your Lord, and a balm for what is in your breasts, and a guidance and a mercy to believers. Say, 'By the grace of God and by His mercy,--and in that let them rejoice! It is better than that which they collect!'
10:61Ayat 61
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 61
10:62Ayat 62
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 62
10:63Ayat 63
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 63
10:64Ayat 64
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 64
10:65Ayat 65
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 65
[Translation of 61 to 65] Let us see now what God has sent down to you of provision! and yet ye have made. of it unlawful and lawful. Say, 'Does God permit you, or against God do ye forge lies?' What will those who forge lies against God think on the resurrection day? Verily, God is Lord of grace towards men, but most of them do not give thanks! Nor shalt thou be in any affair, nor shalt thou recite concerning it a Qur’ân 1--nor shall ye do a work, without our being witness against you, when ye are engaged therein: nor does the weight of an atom escape thy Lord in earth or in heaven; nor is there less than that or greater, but it is in the perspicuous Book. Are not, verily, the friends of God those on whom there is no fear, neither shall they be grieved?--They who believed and who did fear--
10:66Ayat 66
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 66
10:67Ayat 67
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 67
10:68Ayat 68
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 68
10:69Ayat 69
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 69
10:70Ayat 70
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 70
[Translation of 66 to 70] for them are good tidings in the life of this world, and in the future too; there is no changing the words of God! That is the mighty happiness! Let not their speech grieve thee; verily, power is wholly God's! He both hears and knows. Is not, verily, whoever is in the heavens and whoever is in the earth God's? What then do they follow who call on associates other than God? Verily, they follow nothing but suspicion, and verily, they are telling naught but lies. He it is who made for you the night, that ye might rest therein, and the day to see therein; verily, in that are. signs unto a people who can hear. They say, 'God has taken to Himself a son.' Celebrated be His praises! He is the rich one! His is whatever is in the heavens, and whatever is in the earth. Ye have no authority for this! will ye say against God, that which ye do not know?
10:71Ayat 71
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 71
10:72Ayat 72
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 72
10:73Ayat 73
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 73
10:74Ayat 74
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 74
10:75Ayat 75
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 75
[Translation of 71 to 75] Say, 'Verily, those who forge against God a lie shall not prosper!' A provision in this world--then unto us is their return! then we will make them taste keen torment for that they misbelieved. Recite to them the story of Noah, when he said to his people, 'O my people! if my stay with you be grievous to you, and my reminding you of the signs of God, yet upon God do I rely! Collect then your affairs and your associates 1; nor let your affair (be ordered) for you in the dark; then decide respecting me, and do not wait; and if ye turn your backs, I ask you not for hire; my hire is only due from God, and I am bidden to be of those resigned.' But they called him a liar; and we saved him, and those with him, in the ark; and we made these 2 successors, and drowned those who had said our signs were lies; see then how was the end of those who had been warned!
10:76Ayat 76
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 76
10:77Ayat 77
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 77
10:78Ayat 78
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 78
10:79Ayat 79
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 79
10:80Ayat 80
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 80
[Translation of 76 to 80] Then we raised up after him apostles unto their people, and they came to them with manifest signs; but they would not believe in what they had called a lie before. Thus do we set a stamp upon the hearts of the transgressors. Then we raised up after them Moses and Aaron, unto Pharaoh and his chiefs with our signs; but they were too big with pride, and were a sinful people; and when the truth came to them from us they said, verily, 'This is obvious sorcery.' Moses said, 'Will ye say of the truth when it comes to you, Is this sorcery? But sorcerers shall not prosper.' They said, 'Hast thou come to turn us away from what we found our fathers at, that there may be for you twain grandeur in the earth? but we will not believe you.'
10:81Ayat 81
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 81
10:82Ayat 82
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 82
10:83Ayat 83
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 83
10:84Ayat 84
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 84
10:85Ayat 85
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 85
[Translation of 81 to 85] And Pharaoh said, 'Bring me every knowing sorcerer;' and when the sorcerers came, Moses said to them, 'Throw down what ye have, to throw!' and when they threw down, Moses said, 'What ye have brought is sorcery! verily, God will make it vain; verily, God rights not the work of evil-doers!' But God verifies the truth by His words, although the sinners are averse therefrom. But none believed in Moses, save a race of his own people, through fear of Pharaoh and his chiefs; lest he should afflict them, for verily, Pharaoh was lofty in the earth, and verily, he was extravagant. And Moses said, 'O my people! if ye did believe in God, then on Him rely, if ye be resigned.'
10:86Ayat 86
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 86
10:87Ayat 87
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 87
10:88Ayat 88
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 88
10:89Ayat 89
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 89
10:90Ayat 90
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 90
[Translation of 86 to 90] They said, 'Upon God do we rely. O our Lord! make us not a cause of trial for a people who do wrong, but save, us by Thy mercy from the people who misbelieve!' And we inspired Moses and his brother thus, 'Establish, ye twain, houses for your people in Egypt; and make ye your houses a qiblah 1; and be ye steadfast in prayer, and give glad tidings to those who believe.' Moses said, 'O our Lord! verily, Thou hast brought to Pharaoh and his chiefs ornaments and wealth in the life of this world; O our Lord! that they may err from Thy way! O our Lord! confound their wealth and harden their hearts that they may not believe until they see grievous woe!' He said, 'Your prayer is answered; be upright then, ye two, and follow not the path of those who do not know!'
10:91Ayat 91
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 91
10:92Ayat 92
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 92
10:93Ayat 93
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 93
10:94Ayat 94
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 94
10:95Ayat 95
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 95
[Translation of 91 to 95] And we brought the children of Israel across the sea; and Pharaoh and his hosts followed them eager and hostile, until when drowning overtook him, he said, 'I believe that there is no god but He in whom the children of Israel believe, and I am of those who are resigned!'--'Now 1! but thou didst rebel aforetime, and wert of those who do evil; but to-day we will save thee in thy body, that thou mayest be to those who come after thee a sign, for verily, many men are careless of our signs 2!' And we established the people of Israel with a sure establishment, and we provided them with good things; nor did they disagree until there came to them the knowledge. Verily, thy Lord shall decide between them on the resurrection day concerning that whereon they did dispute. And if thou art in doubt of that which we have sent down unto thee, ask those who read the Book before thee verily, the truth is come to thee from thy Lord, be not then of those who are in doubt. And be not of those who say the signs of God are lies, or thou wilt be of those who lose!
10:96Ayat 96
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 96
10:97Ayat 97
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 97
10:98Ayat 98
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 98
10:99Ayat 99
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 99
10:100Ayat 100
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 100
[Translation of 96 to 100] Verily, those against whom God's word is pronounced will not believe, even though there come to them every sign, until they see the grievous woe. Were it not so, a city would have believed and its faith would have, profited it. But (none did) except the people of Jonas; when they believed we removed from them the torment of disgrace in this world, and we gave them provision for a while. But had thy Lord pleased, all who are in the earth would have believed altogether; as for thee, wilt thou force men to become believers?
10:101Ayat 101
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 101
10:102Ayat 102
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 102
10:103Ayat 103
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 103
10:104Ayat 104
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 104
10:105Ayat 105
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 105
[Translation of 101 to 105] It is not for any person to believe save by the permission of God; He puts horror on those who have no sense. Say, 'Behold what is in the heavens and in the earth! but signs and warners avail not a people who do not believe. Do they await aught but the like of the days of those who passed away before them?' Say, 'Wait ye then! verily, I am with you one of those who wait.' Then we will save our apostles and those who believe; thus is it due from us to save believers. Say, 'O ye folk! if ye are in doubt concerning my religion, I will not worship those ye worship other than God; but I worship God, who takes you to Himself, and I am bidden to be of the believers!'
10:106Ayat 106
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 106
10:107Ayat 107
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 107
10:108Ayat 108
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 108
10:109Ayat 109
Quran, Surah Yunus, Ayat 109
[Translation of 106 to 109] And, 'Make steadfast thy face to the religion as a ‘Hanîf 1; and be not of the idolaters; and call not besides God on what can neither profit thee nor harm thee; for if thou dost, verily, thou art then of the unjust!' And should God touch thee with harm, there is none to remove it save He; and if He wish thee well, there is none to repel His grace; He makes it fall on whom He will of His servants; for He is pardoning and merciful! Say, O ye people! there has come to you the truth from your Lord, and he who is guided, his guidance is only for his soul; and he who errs, errs only against it; and I am not a guardian over you.' Follow what is revealed to thee, and be patient until God judges, for He is the best of judges.
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