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Surah Ta-ha

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E.H. Palmer Explanation (Tafseer)

Mecca Mecca (45)
135Total Ayat: 135
7Total Ruku: 7

Ayat [1-5] IN the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

Ayat [6-10] His are what

Ayat [11-15] Haply I may bring you therefrom a brand, or may find guidance by the fire 1.' And when he came to it he was called to, 'O Moses! verily, I am thy Lord, so take off thy sandals; verily, thou art in the holy valley Tuvâ, and I have chosen thee. So listen to what is inspired thee; verily, I am God, there is no god but Me! then serve Me, and be steadfast in prayer to remember Me.

Ayat [16-20] 'Verily, the hour is coming, I almost make it appear 2, that every soul may be recompensed for its efforts.

Ayat [21-25] Said He, 'Throw it down, O Moses!' and he threw it down, and behold! it was a snake that moved about.

Ayat [26-30] 'Go unto Pharaoh, verily, he is outrageous!'

Ayat [31-35] and make for me a minister 2 from my people,--Aaron my brother; gird up my loins through him 3, and join him with me in the affair; that we may celebrate Thy praises much and remember Thee much.

Ayat [36-40] 'Verily, Thou dost ever behold us!'

Ayat [41-45] that thou mayest be formed under my eye. When thy sister walked on and said, "Shall I guide you to one who will take charge of him?" And we restored thee to thy mother, that her eye might be cheered and that she should not grieve. And thou didst slay a person and we saved thee from the trouble, and we tried thee with various trials. And thou didst tarry for years amongst the people of Midian; then thou didst come (hither) at (our) decree, O Moses! And I have chosen thee for myself. Go, thou and thy brother, with my signs, and be not remiss in remembering me.

Ayat [46-50] Go ye both to Pharaoh; verily, he is outrageous! and speak to him a gentle speech, haply he may be mindful or may fear.'

Ayat [51-55] '"Verily, we are inspired that the torment will surely come upon him who calls us liars and turns his back."'

Ayat [56-60] Who made for you the earth a bed; and has traced for you paths therein; and has sent down from the sky water,--and we have brought forth thereby divers sorts of different vegetables. Eat and pasture your cattle therefrom; verily, in that are signs to those endued with intelligence. From it have we created you and into it will we send you back, and from it will we bring you forth another time.'

Ayat [61-65] Then we will bring you magic like it; and we will make between us and thee an appointment; we will not break it, nor do thou either;--a fair place.'

Ayat [66-70] And they argued their matter among themselves; and secretly talked it over.

Ayat [71-75] And Moses felt a secret fear within his soul.

Ayat [76-80] Said they, 'We will never prefer thee to what has come to us of manifest signs, and to Him who originated us. Decide then what thou canst decide; thou canst only decide in the life of this world! Verily, we believe in our Lord, that He may pardon us our sins, and the magic thou hast forced us to use; and God is better and more lasting!'

Ayat [81-85] Fear not pursuit, nor be afraid!' Then Pharaoh followed them with his armies, and there overwhelmed them of the sea that which overwhelmed them. And Pharaoh and his people went astray and were not guided.

Ayat [86-90] 'But what has hastened thee on away from thy people, O Moses?'

Ayat [91-95] They said, 'We have not broken our promise to thee of our own accord. But we were made to carry loads of the ornaments of the people, and we hurled them down, and so did es Sâmarîy cast; and he brought forth for the people a corporeal calf which lowed.' And they said, 'This is your god and the god of Moses, but he has forgotten!' What! do they not see that it does not return them any speech, and cannot control for them harm or profit? Aaron too told them before, 'O my people! ye are only being tried thereby; and, verily, your Lord is the Merciful, so follow me and obey my bidding.'

Ayat [96-100] Said he, 'O son of my mother! seize me not by my beard, or my head! Verily, I feared lest thou shouldst say, "Thou hast made a division amongst the children of Israel, and hast not observed my word."'

Ayat [101-105] Whoso turns therefrom, verily, he shall bear on the resurrection day a burden:--for them to bear for aye, and evil for them on the resurrection day will it be to bear.

Ayat [106-110] They will ask thee about the mountains;

Ayat [111-115] Faces shall be humbled before the Living, the Self-subsistent; and he who bears injustice is ever lost.

Ayat [116-120] And when we said to the angels, 'Adore

Ayat [121-125] Then his Lord chose him, and relented towards him, and guided him. Said he, 'Go down, ye twain, therefrom altogether, some of you foes to the other. And if there should come to you from me a guidance; then whoso follows my guidance shall neither err nor be wretched. But he who turns away from my reminder, verily, for him shall be a straitened livelihood; and we will gather him on the resurrection day blind!'

Ayat [126-130] He shall say, 'My Lord! wherefore hast Thou gathered me blind when I used to see?' He shall say, 'Our signs came to thee, and thou didst forget them; thus to-day art thou forgotten!'

Ayat [131-135] Bear patiently then what they say, and celebrate the praises of thy Lord before the rising of the sun, and before its setting, and at times in the night celebrate them; and at the ends of the day; haply thou mayest please (Him).

Ayat [136-140] Say, 'Each one has to wait, so wait ye! but in the end ye shall know who are the fellows of the level way, and who are guided!'
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