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Surah Saba

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Recite Quran Surah Saba in Arabic, English Translation by Prof. Shaykh Hasan Qaribullah and English Transliteration

Mecca Mecca (58)
54Total Ayat: 54
6Total Ruku: 6
34:1Ayat 1
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 1
Praise is for Allah, to whom belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth! And the Praise belongs to Him in the Everlasting Life. He is the Wise, the Knower.
34:2Ayat 2
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 2
He knows all that penetrates the earth and all that comes forth from it, all that comes down from heaven and all that ascends to it. He is the Most Merciful, the Forgiver.
34:3Ayat 3
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 3
The unbelievers say: 'The Hour will never come to us. ' Say: 'By my Lord, yes, it is surely coming to you! By Him who knows the Unseen, not even the weight of an atom in heavens and earth escapes Him; neither is there anything smaller than that, nor greater except that it is in a Clear Book,
34:4Ayat 4
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 4
in order that He recompenses those who believe and do good works; theirs shall be forgiveness and a generous provision.
34:5Ayat 5
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 5
But those who labor against Our verses (thinking they are) frustrating (Our Messengers), theirs shall be the painful punishment of anger. '
34:6Ayat 6
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 6
Those to whom the knowledge has been given can see that what has been sent down to you from your Lord is the truth, guiding to the Path of the Almighty, the Praised.
34:7Ayat 7
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 7
The unbelievers say: 'Shall we direct you to a man who will tell you that when you have been utterly torn into pieces you will be raised in a new creation?'
34:8Ayat 8
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 8
What, has he forged a lie about Allah, or is he mad! ' No, those who do not believe in the Everlasting Life are in the punishment and in far error.
34:9Ayat 9
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 9
Have they not seen what is before them and behind them in heaven and earth? If We willed, We would make the earth swallow them up, or We would let lumps from heaven fall down on them. Surely, there is a sign in this for every penitent worshiper.
34:10Ayat 10
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 10
We gave David bounty from Us. 'O mountains, and birds, echo (the praise of Allah) with him. ' And We softened iron for him,
34:11Ayat 11
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 11
(saying): 'Make large coats of mail and measure their links well. Do good deeds, for surely I see the things you do. '
34:12Ayat 12
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 12
To Solomon the morning course of the wind was a month's journey, and its evening course was also a month's journey. We caused copper to be (as a) molten spring for him. And the jinn, some served him by the permission of his Lord. But as for those amongst them that swerved away from Our Command, We shall let them taste the punishment of the Blaze (the Fire).
34:13Ayat 13
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 13
They made for him whatever he wanted, arches, statues, bowls as basins, and fixed cauldrons. (We said:) 'Give thanks, House of David and work. ' Yet only a few of My worshipers are thankful.
34:14Ayat 14
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 14
And when We decreed (Solomon's) death, they had no indication that he was dead until (they saw a termite), a crawler of the earth eating away his staff. And when he fell down, the jinn realized that had they known the unseen, they would not have continued in their humiliating punishment.
34:15Ayat 15
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 15
For Sheba there was indeed a sign. In their dwelling place there were two gardens, on the right and left side. (We said): 'Eat of your Lord's provisions and give thanks to Him, a good land, and a Lord who is the Forgiving. '
34:16Ayat 16
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 16
But they turned away. So We sent against them the Flood (at the city) of Arim, and exchanged their gardens with two others bearing bitter fruit and Tamarisks, and here and there a few Lotus trees.
34:17Ayat 17
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 17
As such We recompensed them for their disbelief; do We recompense any except the unbelievers?
34:18Ayat 18
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 18
Between them and the villages which We had blessed, We placed easily visible villages, and We spaced the journey between them exactly. (We said): 'Travel through them by day and night in safety. '
34:19Ayat 19
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 19
But they said: 'Lord, make the stages between our journeys longer, ' so they wronged themselves; so We made them news and We tore them utterly into pieces. Surely, there are signs in this for every one who is patient, thankful.
34:20Ayat 20
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 20
iblis' made his guess true to them; and all except for a party of believers followed him.
34:21Ayat 21
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 21
Yet he had no authority over them except that We would know who believed in the Everlasting Life, from he who doubted. Your Lord is the Watcher over all things.
34:22Ayat 22
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 22
Say: 'Call on those whom you assert, other than Allah. They do not possess as much as the weight of an atom in the heavens or earth, nor do they have a partnership in either, neither does He have supporters among them. '
34:23Ayat 23
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 23
Intercession with Him will not help, except for him to whom He gives permission. When terror is lifted from their hearts, they shall say: 'What did your Lord say? ' 'The truth, ' they shall answer. 'He is the Most High, the Great. '
34:24Ayat 24
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 24
Say: 'Who provides for you from the heavens and earth? ' Say: 'Allah. ' Surely, either we or you are rightly guided or in clear error.
34:25Ayat 25
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 25
Say: 'You will not to be questioned about our sins, neither will we be questioned for your actions. '
34:26Ayat 26
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 26
Say: 'Our Lord will bring us all together, then, with truth, He will rightly judge between us. He is the Opener, the Knower.
34:27Ayat 27
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 27
Say: 'Show me those whom you joined with Him as associates; no, indeed; rather He is Allah, the Almighty, the Wise.
34:28Ayat 28
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 28
We did not send you (Prophet Muhammad) for all mankind except to bring them glad tidings and to warn, but most people do not know.
34:29Ayat 29
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 29
They ask: 'When, if what you say is true, will this promise come? '
34:30Ayat 30
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 30
Say: 'You are promised a Day. You can neither hold it back, nor can you hasten it by a single hour. '
34:31Ayat 31
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 31
The unbelievers say: 'We will not believe in this Koran, nor in (the Books) that were before it. ' If you could only see the harmdoers when they are brought before their Lord! They will argue against each other. Those who had been abased will say to those who were proud: 'But for you, we would have been believers. '
34:32Ayat 32
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 32
Then, those who were proud will say to those who were abased, 'Was it we who barred you from the Guidance after it had come to you? No, you yourselves were sinners. '
34:33Ayat 33
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 33
Those that were abased will say to those who were proud: 'Rather, it was scheming night and day, when you ordered us to disbelieve in Allah and set up equals to Him. ' And they will regret in secret when they see the punishment and We put (iron) fetters on the necks of the unbelievers. Shall they be recompensed except for what they were doing?
34:34Ayat 34
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 34
We never sent a warner to a village except that those (who lived) in luxury said: 'We disbelieve in the Message you have been sent with! '
34:35Ayat 35
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 35
And they said: 'We have been given an abundance of wealth and children we shall never be punished! '
34:36Ayat 36
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 36
Say: 'My Lord outspreads and withholds His provision to whomsoever He will. But most people do not know. '
34:37Ayat 37
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 37
It is neither your riches nor your children that shall bring you close in nearness to Us, except he who believes and does good work. For those their awaits a double recompense for their deeds, they shall live in safety in their lofty chambers.
34:38Ayat 38
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 38
But those who labor to negate Our verses shall be arraigned in to the punishment.
34:39Ayat 39
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 39
Say: 'My Lord outspreads and withholds His provision to whomsoever He will of His worshipers. Whatsoever you expend He will replace it. He is the Best of providers. '
34:40Ayat 40
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 40
On the Day when He gathers them all together, He will say to the angels: 'Was it you that these worshipped? '
34:41Ayat 41
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 41
'Exaltations to You! ' they will answer. 'You are our Guardian other than them! No, rather they worshipped the jinn, and it was them which most believed. '
34:42Ayat 42
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 42
Therefore, today none of you shall have the power to either benefit or harm one another. ' To the evildoers We shall say: 'Taste the punishment of the Fire, which you belied! '
34:43Ayat 43
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 43
When Our clear verses, are recited to them, they say: 'This is nothing but a man whose wish is to prevent you from that which your fathers used to worship. 'And they say: 'This is nothing but a forged lie. ' And those who disbelieve say of the truth when it reaches them: 'This is nothing but clear sorcery.?
34:44Ayat 44
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 44
Yet We have not given them any Books to study, nor, before you, have We sent them a warner.
34:45Ayat 45
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 45
Those who have gone before them belied, yet they did not reach a tenth of what We gave them; yet they belied My Messengers. And how was (My) rejection (their destruction)!
34:46Ayat 46
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 46
Say: 'I give you only one admonition, that you stand before Allah either two by two, or one by one and reflect. There is no madness is in your companion. He (Prophet Muhammad) is only a warner to you, before a terrible punishment. '
34:47Ayat 47
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 47
Say: 'I ask no wage of you; that shall be yours. My wage is only upon Allah and He is Witness over everything. '
34:48Ayat 48
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 48
Say: 'My Lord hurls the truth the Knower of the Unseen. '
34:49Ayat 49
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 49
Say: 'Truth has come. Falsehood has vanished and shall return no more.'
34:50Ayat 50
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 50
Say: 'If I go astray, then I go astray only against myself; if I am guided it is because of that which my Lord has revealed to me. He is the Hearer, and the Near. '
34:51Ayat 51
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 51
If you could only see when they (the unbelievers) are seized with terror, and there is no escape. They shall be seized from a nearby place,
34:52Ayat 52
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 52
and say: 'We believe in it. ' But how can they reach from a place that is distant,
34:53Ayat 53
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 53
since they disbelieved in it before, guessing at the Unseen from a distant place?
34:54Ayat 54
Quran, Surah Saba, Ayat 54
And a barrier is set between them and that which they desire, as it was done before with their like; they were in suspicious doubt. '
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