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Surah Al-Sharh

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Maududi's Commentry (Tafseer) on Surah Al-Sharh

Mecca Mecca (12)
8Total Ayat: 8
1Total Ruku: 1


The Surah is so designated after the first sentence.

Period of Revelation

Its subject matter so closely resembles that of Surah Ad-Duha that boththese Surah seem to have been revealed in about the same period undersimilar conditions. According to Hadrat Abdullah bin Abbas, it wassent down in Makkah just after wad-Duha.

Theme and Subject Matter

The aim and object of this Surah too is to console and encourage theHoly Messenger (upon whom be Allah's peace). Before his call he neverhad to encounter the conditions which he suddenly had to encounterafter it when he embarked on his mission of inviting the people toIslam. This was by itself a great revolution in his own life of whichhe had no idea in his life before Prophethood. No sooner had hestarted preaching the message of Islam than the same society which hadesteemed him with unique honor, turned hostile to him. The samerelatives and friends, the same clansmen and neighbors, who used totreat him with the highest respect, began to shower him with abuse andinvective. No one in Makkah was prepared to listen to him; he began tobe ridiculed and mocked in the street and on the road; and at everystep he had to face new difficulties. Although gradually he becameaccustomed to the hardships, even much severer ones, yet the initialstage was very discouraging for him. That is why first Surah Ad-Duha wassent down to console him, and then this Surah.

In it, at the outset,Allah says: "We have favored you, O Prophet, with three greatblessings; therefore you have no cause to be disheartened. The firstis the blessing of Sharh Sadr (opening up of the breast), the secondof removing from you the heavy burden that was weighing down your backbefore the call, and the third of exalting your renown the like ofwhich has never been granted to any man before. Further below in thenotes we have explained what is implied by each of these blessings andhow great and unique these blessings indeed are!

After this, the Lordand Sustainer of the universe has reassured His Servant and Messenger(upon whom be peace) that the period of hardships which he is passingthrough, is not very long, but following close behind it there is alsoa period of ease. This same thing has been described in Surah Ad-Duha,saying: "Every later period is better for you than the former period,and soon your Lord will give you so much that you will be wellpleased."

In conclusion, the Holy Prophet has been instructed, so asto say, "You can develop the power to bear and resist the hardships ofthe initial stage only by one means, and it is this: `When you arefree from your occupations, you should devote yourself to the labourand toil of worship, and turn all your attention exclusively to yourLord'."This same instruction has been given him in much greater detailin Surah Al-Muzzammil 1-9.

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