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Surah Al-Israa

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E.H. Palmer Explanation (Tafseer)

Mecca Mecca (50)
111Total Ayat: 111
12Total Ruku: 12

Ayat [1-5] Celebrated be the praises of Him who took His servant a journey by night from the Sacred Mosque 2 to the Remote Mosque 3, the precinct of which we have blessed, to show him of our signs! verily, He both hears and looks.

Ayat [6-10] And when the threat for the first (sin) of the two came, we sent over them servants of ours, endued with violence, and they searched inside your houses; and it was an accomplished threat.

Ayat [11-15] who do aright that for them is a great hire; and that for those who believe not in the hereafter, we have prepared a mighty woe.

Ayat [16-20] 'Read thy book, thou art accountant enough against thyself to-day!'

Ayat [21-25] But whoso desires the next life, and strives for it and is a believer--these, their striving shall be gratefully received.

Ayat [26-30] And lower to them the wing of humility out of compassion, and say, 'O Lord! have compassion on them as they brought me up when I was little!' Your Lord knows best what is in your souls if ye be righteous, and, verily, He is forgiving unto those who come back penitent.

Ayat [31-35] But if thou dost turn away from them to seek after mercy from thy Lord 1, which thou hopest for, then speak to them an easy speech.

Ayat [36-40] And slay not the soul that God has forbidden you, except for just cause; for he who is slain unjustly we have given his next of kin authority; yet

Ayat [41-45] All this is ever evil in the sight of your Lord and abhorred.

Ayat [46-50] Celebrated be His praises, and exalted be He above what they say with a great exaltation!

Ayat [51-55] We know best for what they listen when they listen to thee; and when they whisper apart--when the wrong-doers say, 'Ye only follow a man enchanted.'

Ayat [56-60] And say to my servants that they speak in a kind way 1; verily, Satan makes ill-will between them; verily, Satan was ever unto man an open foe.

Ayat [61-65] There is no city but we will destroy it before the day of judgment, or torment it with keen torment;--that is in the Book inscribed.

Ayat [66-70] Said He, 'Begone! and whoso of them follows thee--verily, hell is your recompense, an ample recompense. Entice away whomsoever of them thou canst with thy voice; and bear down upon them with thy horse and with thy foot;, and share with them in their wealth and their children; and promise them, but Satan promises them naught but deceit. Verily, my servants, thou hast no authority over them; thy Lord is guardian enough over them!'

Ayat [71-75] Are ye sure that He will not cleave with you the side of the shore, or send against you a heavy sandstorm? then ye will find no guardian for yourselves.

Ayat [76-80] They had well-nigh beguiled thee from what we inspired thee with, that thou shouldst forge against us something else, and then they would have taken thee for a friend; and had it not been that we stablished thee, thou wouldst have well-nigh leant towards them a little: then would we have made thee taste of torment both of life and death, then thou wouldst not have found against us any helper 1.

Ayat [81-85] Be thou steadfast in prayer from the declining of the sun until the dusk of the night, and the reading of the dawn; verily, the reading of the dawn is ever testified to.

Ayat [86-90] And when we favour man he turns away and retires aside, but when evil touches him he is ever in despair. Say, 'Every one acts after his own manner, but your Lord knows best who is most guided in the way.'

Ayat [91-95] Say, 'If mankind and ginns united together to bring the like of this Qur’ân, they could not bring the like, though they should back each other up!'

Ayat [96-100] or there be made for thee a house of gold; or thou climb up into the heaven; and even then we will not believe in thy climbing there, until thou send down on us a book that we may read!'

Ayat [101-105] That is their reward for that they disbelieved in our signs, and said, 'What! when we are bones and rubbish, shall we then be raised up a new creation?'

Ayat [106-110] And he desired to drive them out of the land; but we drowned him and those with him, one and all.

Ayat [111-115] Say, 'Call on God, or call on the Merciful One, whichever ye may call on Him by for His are the best of names 1.'
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