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Surah Al-Buruj

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Maududi's Commentry (Tafseer) on Surah Al-Buruj

Mecca Mecca (27)
22Total Ayat: 22
1Total Ruku: 1


The Surah is so designated after the word al buruj appearing in thefirst verse.

Period of Revelation

The subject matter itself indicates that this Surah was sent down atMakkah in the period when persecution of the Muslims was at its climaxand the disbelievers of Makkah were trying their utmost by tyranny andcoercion to turn away the new converts from Islam.

Theme and Subject Matter

Its theme is to warn the disbelievers of the evil consequences of thepersecution and tyranny that they were perpetrating on the converts toIslam, and to console the believers, so as to say: "If you remain firmand steadfast against tyranny and coercion, you will be rewardedrichly for it, and Allah will certainly avenge Himself on yourpersecutors on your behalf."

In this connection, first of all the storyof the people of the ditch (ashab al-ukhdud) had been related, who hadburnt the believers to death by casting them into pits full of fire.By means of this story the believers and the disbelievers have beentaught a few lessons. First, that just as the people of the ditchbecame worthy of Allah's curse and punishment, so are the chiefs ofMakkah also becoming worthy of it. Second, that just as the believersat that time had willingly accepted to sacrifice their lives by beingburnt to death in the pits of fire instead of turning away from thefaith, so also the believers now should endure every persecution butshould never give up the faith. Third, that Gods acknowledging Whomdispleases the disbelievers and is urged on by the believers, isDominant and Master of the Kingdom of the earth and heavens; He isself-praiseworthy and is watching what the two groups are strivingfor. Therefore, it is certain that the disbelievers will not only bepunished in Hell for their disbelief but, more than that, they toowill suffer punishment by fire as a fit recompense for their tyrannyand cruelties. Likewise, this also is certain that those, who believeand follow up their belief with good deeds, should go to Paradise andthis indeed is the supreme success. Then the disbelievers have beenwarned, so as to say: "God's grip is very severe. If you are proud ofthe strength of your hosts, you should know that the hosts of Pharaohand Thamud were even stronger and more numerous. Therefore, you shouldlearn a lesson from the fate they met. God's power has so encompassedyou that you cannot escape His encirclement, and the Qur'an that youare bent upon belying, is unchangeable: it is inscribed in thePreserved Tablet, which cannot be corrupted in any way."

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