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Surah Al-An'am

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E.H. Palmer Explanation (Tafseer)

Mecca Mecca (55)
165Total Ayat: 165
20Total Ruku: 20

Ayat [1-5] IN the name of the merciful and compassionate God!

Ayat [6-10] and they have called the truth a lie now that it has come to them, but there shall come to them the message of that at which they mocked.

Ayat [11-15] There have been prophets before thee mocked at, but that encompassed them which the scoffers among them mocked at.

Ayat [16-20] Say, 'I fear, if I rebel against my Lord, the torment of the mighty day.'

Ayat [21-25] Those to whom we have brought the Book know him 2 as they know their sons;--those who lose their souls do not believe.

Ayat [26-30] And they are some who listen unto thee, but we have placed a veil upon their hearts lest they should understand it, and in their ears is dulness of hearing; and though they saw each sign they would not believe therein; until when they come to thee to wrangle with thee, the unbelievers say, 'These are but old folks’ tales.'

Ayat [31-35] But couldst thou see when they are set before their Lord; he says,' Is not this the truth?' They say, Yea, by our Lord!' he says, 'Then taste the torment, for that ye did misbelieve!'

Ayat [36-40] And if their turning from thee be hard for thee, and if thou canst seek for a shaft down into the earth, or a ladder up into the sky, to bring them a sign--but if God pleased He would bring them all to guidance, be thou not then of the ignorant.

Ayat [41-45] Say, 'Look you now! if there should come God's torment, or there should come to you the hour, on other than God would ye call, if ye do tell the truth?' Nay, it is on Him that ye would call,

Ayat [46-50] And the uttermost part of the people who did wrong were cut off; praise be to God, Lord of the worlds!

Ayat [51-55] Say, 'I do not say to you, mine are the treasuries of God, nor that I know the unseen; I do not say to you, I am an angel--if I follow aught but what I am inspired with--'say, 'Is the blind equal to him who sees--?' what! do ye not reflect?

Ayat [56-60] Thus do we detail our signs, that the way of the sinners may be made plain.

Ayat [61-65] He it is who takes you to Himself at night 1, and knows what ye have gained in the day; then He raises you up again, that your appointed time may be fulfilled; then unto Him is your return, and then will He inform you of what ye have done.

Ayat [66-70] Say, 'He is able to send torment on you from above you and from beneath your feet, and to confuse you in sects, and to make some of you taste the violence of others.'

Ayat [71-75] Say, 'Shall we call on what neither profits us nor harms us, and be thrown back upon our heels after God has guided us, like him whom Satan hath led away bewildered in the earth, who has companions who call him to guidance, "Come to us?"' Say, 'Verily, God's guidance is the guidance, and we are bidden to resign ourselves unto the Lord of the worlds, and be ye steadfast in prayer and fear Him, for He it is to whom we shall be gathered.'

Ayat [76-80] Thus did we show Abraham the kingdom of heaven and of the earth, that he should be of those who are sure. And when the night overshadowed him he saw a star and said, 'This is my Lord;' but when it set he said, 'I love not those that set.' And when he saw the moon beginning to rise he said, 'This is my Lord;' but when it set he said, 'If God my Lord guides me not I shall surely be of the people who err.' And when he saw the sun beginning to rise he said, 'This is my Lord, this is greatest of all;' but when it set he said, 'O my people! verily, I am clear of what ye associate with God; verily, I have turned my face to him who originated the heaven and the earth, as a ‘Hanîf, and I am not of the idolaters.'

Ayat [81-85] And his people disputed with him;--he said, 'Do ye dispute with me concerning God, when He has guided me? but I fear not what ye associate with Him unless my Lord should wish for anything. My Lord doth comprehend all things in His knowledge, will ye not then remember? How should I fear what ye associate with Him, when ye yourselves fear not to associate with God what He has sent down to you no power to do? Which then of the two sects is worthier of belief, if indeed ye know?'

Ayat [86-90] And Zachariah and John and Jesus and Elias, all righteous ones; and Ishmael and Elisha and Jonas and Lot, each one have we preferred above the worlds; and of their fathers and their seed and brethren; we have chosen them and guided them into a right way.

Ayat [91-95] It is these that God hath guided, and by their guidance be thou led.

Ayat [96-100] Verily, God it is who cleaves out the grain and the date-stone; He brings forth the living from the dead, and it is He who brings the dead from the living. There is God! how then can ye be beguiled?

Ayat [101-105] Yet they made the ginn 2 partners with

Ayat [106-110] Thus do we turn about the signs, that they may say, 'Thou hast studied,' and that we may explain to those who know.

Ayat [111-115] We will overturn their hearts and their eyesights, even as they believed not at first; and we will leave them, in their rebellion, blindly wandering on.

Ayat [116-120] The words of thy Lord are fulfilled in truth and justice; there is none to change His words, for He both hears and knows.

Ayat [121-125] Leave alone the outside of sin and the inside thereof; verily, those who earn sin shall be recompensed for what they have gained.

Ayat [126-130] Whomsoever God wishes to guide, He expands his breast to Islam; but whomsoever He wishes to lead astray, He makes his breast tight and straight, as though he would mount up into heaven 1; thus does God set His horror on those who do not believe.

Ayat [131-135] O assembly of ginns and men! did there not come to you apostles from among yourselves, relating to you our signs, and warning you of the meeting of this very day of yours? They say, 'We bear witness against ourselves.' The life of this world deceived them, and they bear witness against themselves that they were unbelievers.

Ayat [136-140] Say, 'O my people! act according to your power, verily, I am acting too; and soon shall ye know whose is the future of the abode!' verily, the unjust shall not prosper.

Ayat [141-145] And they say, 'What is in the wombs of these cattle is unlawful for our wives, but if it be (born) dead, then are they partners therein.' He will reward them for their attribution; verily, He is wise and knowing.

Ayat [146-150] And of camels two, and cows two; say, 'Are the two males unlawful, or the two females, or what the wombs of the two females contain? Were ye witnesses when God ordained for you these?--Then who is more unjust than he who devises a lie against God, to lead men astray without knowledge? verily, God guides not the unjust people 1.'

Ayat [151-155] Say, 'God's is the searching argument; and had He pleased He would have guided you all.'

Ayat [156-160] Then we gave Moses the Book, complete for him who acts aright, and a decision and a guidance and a mercy; haply in the meeting of their Lord they will believe.

Ayat [161-165] Verily, those who divided their religion and became sects, thou hast not to do with them, their

Ayat [166-170] He it is who made you vicegerents, and raised some of you above others in degree, to try you by that which he has brought you;--verily, thy Lord is swift to punish, but, verily, He is forgiving and merciful.
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