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Surah Al-Adiyat

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Maududi's Commentry (Tafseer) on Surah Al-Adiyat

Mecca Mecca (14)
11Total Ayat: 11
1Total Ruku: 1


The Surah has been so entitled after the word al `adiyat with which itopens.

Period of Revelation

Whether it is a Makki or a Madani Surah is disputed. Hadrat Abdullahbin Masud, Jabir, Hasan Basri, Ikrimah, and Ata say that it is Makki.Hadrat Anas bin Malik, and Qatadah say that it is Madani; and fromHadrat Ibn Abbas two views have been reported, first that it is aMakki Surah, and second that it is Madani. But the subject matter ofthe Surah and its style clearly indicate that it is no only Makki butwas revealed in the earliest stage of Makkah.

Theme and Subject Matter

Its object is to make the people realize how evil man becomes when hedenies the Hereafter, or becomes heedless of it, and also to warn themthat in the Hereafter not only their visible and apparent deeds buteven the secrets hidden in their hearts too will be subjected toscrutiny.

For this purpose the general chaos and confusion prevailingin Arabia, with which the whole country was in turmoil, has beenpresented as an argument. Bloodshed, loot and plunder raged on everyside. Tribes were subjecting tribes to raids, and no one could havepeaceful sleep at night from fear that some enemy tribe might raid hissettlement early in the morning. Every Arab was fully conscious ofthis state of affairs and realized that it was wrong. Although theplundered bemoaned his miserable, helpless state and the plundererrejoiced, yet when the plunderer himself was plundered, he toorealized how abject was the condition in which the whole nation wasinvolved. Referring to this very state of affairs, it has been said:Unaware of the second life after death and his accountability beforeGod in it, man has become ungrateful to his Lord and Sustainer. He isusing the powers and abilities given by God for perpetrating tyrannyand pillage; blinded by the love of worldly wealth he tries to obtainit by every means, however impure and filthy, and his own state itselftestifies that by abusing the powers bestowed by his Lord he is beingungrateful to Him. He would never have behaved so, had he known thetime when the dead will be raised from the graves, and when theintentions and motives with which he had done all sorts of deeds inthe world, will be exposed and brought out before everyone to see. Atthat time the Lord and Sustainer of men shall be well informed of whatone had done and what punishment or reward one deserved.

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