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Malik's Muwatta

by Imam Malik, translation by A'isha `Abdarahman at-Tarjumana and Ya`qub Johnson

Volume: Hajj

The list of all chapters in this volume are given below.

List of chapters
The Ghusl to Enter Ihram
The Ghusl of Someone in Ihram
Clothes Forbidden to be Worn in Ihram
Wearing Clothes when in Ihram
Veiling the Face while in Ihram
Where People Should Enter Ihram
How to Enter Ihram
Raising the Voice in Talbiyya
Doing Hajj on its Own
Doing Hajj and Umra Together (Hajj al-Qiran)
When to Stop the Talbiya
How the People of Makka, and Those Besides Them Living There, Go into Ihram
Situations when Ihram Not Obligatory for Garlanding Sacrificial Animals
What a Menstruating Woman Does on Hajj
Umra in the Months of Hajj
When to Stop Saying the Talbiya for Umra
Hajj At-Tamattu
Circumstances in which Tamattu is Not Obligatory
About Umra in General
Marriage in Ihram
Cupping in Ihram
Game that can be Eaten by Someone who is in Ihram
Game that is Not Halal to Eat in Ihram
Hunting in the Haram
Assessing the Forfeit for Hunting Game Animals that Someone in Ihram can Kill
Animals that Someone in Ihram can Kill
Things that Someone in Ihram is Allowed to do
Doing the Hajj for Somebody Else
Concerning Someone whose Path (to the House) is Blocked by an Enemy
Concerning Someone who is Hindered (From Going To The House) by Something Other than an Enemy
Concerning Building the Kaba
Hastening (Raml) in the Tawaf
Saluting the Corners during Tawaf
Kissing the Corner of the Black Stone when Saluting the Corners
The Two Rakas of Tawaf
Praying after Subh and Asr when doing Tawaf
Taking Leave of the House
Tawaf in General
Starting with Safa in the Say
Say in General
Fasting the Day of Arafa
Fasting on the Days of Mina
What are Acceptable as Sacrificial Animals (Hadys)
What to Do with Sacrificial Animals (Hadys) while They are being Driven
What to Do with Sacrificial Animals (Hadys) if They get Injured or Stray
The Animal (Hady) to be Sacriticed for Intercourse in Ihram
The Animal (Hady) to be Sacrificed for Missing the Hajj
Intercourse with One's Wife Before Doing the Tawaf al-Ifada
The Sacrificial Animals that are Considered Least Difficult
Sacrificial Animals in General
The Wuquf at Arata and Muzdalifa
Wuquf while Not in Wudu, and Wuquf on a Riding Beast
The Wuquf at Arafa of Someone who Misses the Hajj
Sending Women and Children Ahead
Going from Arafa to Muzdalifa
Sacrificing during the Hajj
How to Make the Sacrifice
Shaving the Head
Cutting the Hair
Matting the Hair
Doing the Prayer in the House, Shortening the Prayer, and Hastening the Khutba at Arafa
Doing the Prayer at Muzdalifa
Doing the Prayer at Mina
The Prayer of the Visitor of Makka or Mina
Saying the Takbir During the Days of Tashriq
Doing the Prayer at al-Muarras and al-Muhassab
Staying Overnight at Makka on the Nights of Mina
Stoning the Jamras
Indulgence with Respect to Stoning the Jamras
A Menstruating Woman's Entering Makka
The Tawaf al-Ifada of a Menstruating Woman
The Compensation (Fidya) for Killing Birds and Wild Animals in Ihram
The Fidya for Killing Locusts in Ihram
What to Do for Forgetfulness in the Rituals
Compensation (Fidya) in General
The Hajj in General
The Hajj of a Woman without a Mahram
Fasting in at-Tamattu

Islamic Art Oil Paintings

List of Volumes
The Times of Prayer
Forgetfulness in Prayer
Prayer in Ramadan
Prayer in Congregation
Shortening the Prayer
The Two 'Ids
The Fear Prayer
The Eclipse Prayer
Asking for Rain
The Qibla
The Qur'an
I'tikaf in Ramadan
Vows and Oaths
Sacrificial Animals
Slaughtering Animals
The 'Aqiqa
Business Transactions
Renting Land
Pre-emption in Property
Wills and Testaments
Setting Free and Wala'
The Mukatab
The Mudabbar
The Oath of Qasama
The Decree
Good Character
The Description of the Prophet, may Allah Bless Him and Grant Him Peace
The Evil Eye
General Subjects
The Oath of Allegiance
The Supplication of the Unjustly Wronged
The Names of the Prophet, may Allah Bless Him and Grant Him Peace
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