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Daily Ayat and Hadith - Thu Feb 4, 2021

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Ayat from Surah An-Nahl (80)

Surah An-Nahl, Ayat 80
And Allah has given you a place to abide in your houses, and He has given you tents of the skins of cattle which you find light to carry on the day of your march and on the day of your halting, and of their wool and their fur and their hair (He has given you) household stuff and a provision for a time.
اور خدا ہی نے تمہارے لیے گھروں کو رہنے کی جگہ بنایا اور اُسی نے چوپایوں کی کھالوں سے تمہارے لیے ڈیرے بنائے۔ جن کو تم سبک دیکھ کر سفر اور حضر میں کام میں لاتے ہو اور اُن کی اون، پشم اور بالوں سے تم اسباب اور برتنے کی چیزیں (بناتے ہو جو) مدت تک (کام دیتی ہیں)
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Author : Imam Malik
Translation : A'isha `Abdarahman at-Tarjumana and Ya`qub Johnson

Malik related to me that he heard Rabia ibn Abi Abd ar-Rahman and others mention that al-Furafisa ibn Umar al-Hanafi had a mukatab who offered to pay him all of his kitaba that he owed. Al-Furafisa refused to accept it and the mukatab went to Marwan ibn al-Hakam who was the amir of Madina and brought up the matter. Marwan summoned al-Furafisa and told him to accept. He refused. Marwan then ordered that the payment be taken from the mukatab and placed in the treasury. He said to the mukatab "Go, you are free." When al-Furafisa saw that, he took the money.

Malik said, "What is done among us when a mukatab pays all the instalments he owes before their term, is that it is permitted to him. The master cannot refuse him that. That is because payment removes every condition from the mukatab as well as service and travel. The setting free of a man is not complete while he has any remaining slavery, and neither would his inviolability as a free man be complete and his testimony permitted and inheritance obliged and such things in that situation. His master must not make any stipulation of service on him after he has been set free."

Malik said that it was permitted for a mukatab who became extremely ill and wanted to pay his master all his instalments because his heirs who were free would then inherit from him and he had no children with him in his kitaba, to do so, because by that he completed his inviolability as a free man, his testimony was permitted, and his admission of what he owed of debts to people was permitted. His bequest was permitted as well. His master could not refuse him that by saying, "He is escaping from me with his property."

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