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Daily Ayat and Hadith - Wed Dec 23, 2020

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Ayat from Surah Al-Infitar (3)

Surah Al-Infitar, Ayat 3
And when the seas are made to flow forth,
اور جب دریا بہہ (کر ایک دوسرے سے مل) جائیں گے
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Author : Imam Muslim
Translation : Abdul Hamid Siddiqui

Yusair b. Jabir reported: Once there blew a red storm in Kufah thatthere came a person who had nothing to say but (these words): Abdullahb. Mas'ud, the Last Hour has come. He ('Abdullah b. Mas'ud) was sittingreclining against something, and he said: The Last Hour would not comeuntil the people divide in- heritance and rejoice over booty, and thensaid pointing towards Syria, with the gesture of his hand like this:The enemy shall muster strength against Muslims and the Muslims willmuster strength against them (Syrians). I said: You mean Rome? And hesaid: Yes, and there would be a terrible fight and the Muslims wouldprepare a detachment (for fighting unto death) which would not returnbut victorious. They will fight until night will intervene them; boththe sides will return without being victorious and both will be wipedout. The Muslims will again prepare a detachment for fighting untodeath so that they may not return but victorious. When it would be thefourth day, a new detachment out of the remnant of the Muslims would beprepared and Allah will decree that the enemy should be routed. Andthey would fight such a fight the like of which would not be seen, somuch so that even if a bird were to pass their flanks, it would falldown dead before reaching the end of them. (There would be such alargescale massacre) that when counting would be done, (only) one outof a hundred men related to one another would be found alive. So whatcan be the joy at the spoils of such war and what inheritance would bedivided! They would be in this very state that they would hear of acalamity more horrible than this. And a cry would reach them: TheDajjil has taken your place among your off- spring. They will,therefore, throw away what would be in their hands and go forwardsending ten horsemen, as a scouting party. Allah's Messenger (may peacebe upon him) said: I know their names and the names of theirforefathers and the colour of their horses. They will be best horsemenon the surface of the earth on that day or amongst the best horsemen onthe surface of the earth on that day.
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