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Daily Ayat and Hadith - Sun Jul 19, 2020

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Ayat from Surah Al-Kahf (90)

Surah Al-Kahf, Ayat 90
Until when he reached the land of the rising of the sun, he found it rising on a people to whom We had given no shelter from It;
یہاں تک کہ سورج کے طلوع ہونے کے مقام پر پہنچا تو دیکھا کہ وہ ایسے لوگوں پر طلوع کرتا ہے جن کے لئے ہم نے سورج کے اس طرف کوئی اوٹ نہیں بنائی تھی
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Author : Imam Muslim
Translation : Abdul Hamid Siddiqui

Abu Jamra reported: I was an interpreter between Ibn Abbas and the people, that a woman happened to come there and asked about nabidh or the pitcher of wine. He replied: A delegation of the people of 'Abdul-Qais came to the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him). He (the Holy Prophet) asked the delegation or the people (of the delegation about their identity). They replied that they belonged to the tribe of Rabi'a. He (the Holy Prophet) welcomed the people or the delegation which were neither humiliated nor put to shame. They (the members of the delegation) said: Messenger of Allah, we come to you from a far-off distance and there lives between you and us a tribe of the unbelievers of Mudar and, therefore, it is not possible for us to come to you except in the sacred months. Thus direct us to a clear command, about which we should inform people beside us and by which we may enter heaven. He (the Holy Prophet) replied: I command you to do four deeds and forbid you to do four (acts), and added: I direct you to affirm belief in Allah alone, and then asked them: Do you know what belief in Allah really implies? They said: Allah and His Messenger know best. The Prophet said: It implies testimony to the fact that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, establishment of prayer, payment of Zakat, fast of Ramadan, that you pay one-fifth of the booty (fallen to your lot) and I forbid you to use gourd, wine jar, or a receptacle for wine. Shu'ba sometimes narrated the word naqir (wooden pot) and sometimes narrated it as muqayyar. The Holy Prophet also said: Keep it in your mind and inform those who have been left behind.
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