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Daily Ayat and Hadith - Thu Jan 3, 2019

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Ayat from Surah Ta-ha (86)

Surah Ta-ha, Ayat 86
So Musa returned to his people wrathful, sorrowing. Said he: O my people! did not your Lord promise you a goodly promise: did then the time seem long to you, or did you wish that displeasure from your Lord should be due to you, so that you broke (your) promise to me?
اور موسیٰ غصّے اور غم کی حالت میں اپنی قوم کے پاس واپس آئے (اور) کہنے لگے کہ اے قوم کیا تمہارے پروردگار نے تم سے ایک اچھا وعدہ نہیں کیا تھا؟ کیا (میری جدائی کی) مدت تمہیں دراز (معلوم) ہوئی یا تم نے چاہا کہ تم پر تمہارے پروردگار کی طرف سے غضب نازل ہو۔ اور (اس لئے) تم نے مجھ سے جو وعدہ کیا تھا (اس کے) خلاف کیا
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Author : Imam Bukhari
Translation : M. Muhsin Khan

541. Narrated Abu Huraira
When we conquered Khaibar, we gained neither gold nor silver as booty, but we gained cows, camels, goods and gardens. Then we departed with Allah's Apostle to the valley of Al-Qira, and at that time Allah's Apostle had a slave called Mid`am who had been presented to him by one of Banu Ad-Dibbab. While the slave was dismounting the saddle of Allah's Apostle an arrow the thrower of which was unknown, came and hit him. The people said, "Congratulations to him for the martyrdom." Allah's Apostle said, "No, by Him in Whose Hand my soul is, the sheet (of cloth) which he had taken (illegally) on the day of Khaibar from the booty before the distribution of the booty, has become a flame of Fire burning him." On hearing that, a man brought one or two leather straps of shoes to the Prophet and said, "These are things I took (illegally)." On that Allah's Apostle said, "This is a strap, or these are two straps of Fire."
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